• Mattye Hargrow

All Things Work Together

Now that you're all caught up. Let's dive a little deeper into my story. So I decided to keep my son. But it seemed that as soon as I made a decision, everything around me was crashing down. Yall remember that school I was thriving at they decided that it was my time to go. So here we are at the end of the school year with no future job. Thank God that I was building a nice cushion, but I was trying to save that for my future house.

As I packed up my classroom, the tears begin to fall because I wasn't sure if I could do it. Self-doubt is REAL. The friends I made at my previous school were just as mad. When I say they became family, I mean it. I had so many memories in that room. Room 219 was my baby, and I loved it. It screamed all things MATTYE. Brightly colored and full of personality like myself. I wanted to create a space that I could spend hours doing what I love.

Summer break was upon us, but I knew it was go time. As much as I love teaching, I had to ask myself "was it in my cards? Was this the path that I should be on"? So I took my mustard seed faith and said to God, "you wouldn't put me in this situation if I were not destined to win." So I started to apply to different schools around the county. As I prep for interviews, I asked my mom, "should I tell them I am pregnant?" She said, "I can't tell you what to do, do what you feel." So I went on an interview, felt good, and I told them. I was starting to feel like my old self. The mattye mojo was in full effect. That was short-lived because I guess I wasn't the right fit. Now we are at the end of July, still no job, and very pregnant.

But he is an on-time God. My family and I headed on our cruise. If you have ever been on a cruise, they tell you to either pay for the wifi service or pay the roaming charges. Well, I decided to pay for roaming charges because everyone who needed to know that I was going on a cruise knew not to call. But on this day, I decided to turn off airplane mode and sit on the balcony of the ship. The family had decided to make our way to the island.

As I sat under the umbrella, watching my family, my phone rang. It was the call that would change everything. It was the AP at my now current school. He said I came across your application, if your interested could you come in for an interview. I told him that I am in the middle of the Caribbean on a cruise and wouldn't be back till Sunday. He said, do you have time right now? So we proceeded to have the interview. Well, I must have said something right because a couple of weeks later, they offered me the position without meeting me. You can't tell me the God I serve ain't real.

So on the first day of school, I walked into my new home. God has a funny sense of humor because I ended up doing the same thing as I was doing at my previous school. They walked me to my classroom, can you guess the room number, room 319. I just smiled because I knew God had his hands on me.

I say this to say, If I never got pregnant, then I would have never left my old school even though it was my time to go. Then I wouldn't be where I am today. HAPPY and BLESSED.

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