• Mattye Hargrow

Loving Where I am

So before having Declan, I had so many goals and aspirations. I still do, but they have changed. One of the hardest things that I had to change when I became a mom was my mindset. I was used to just picking up and going and making moves, but that wasn't the season I was in anymore. My new season involved picking up a diaper bag, packing bottles, and making sure that the stroller was in my trunk. A purse...what's that it was throwing the wallet in the diaper bag and making moves. But in the same breathe, as long as it took me to prepare for a Saturday outing with friends and family I was loving the process.

We live in a society where we want things in a hurry. Some studies call us the "microwave generation." Because when we want something we want it RIGHT NOW. Which to some degree is true. We start a diet on Monday and want to see the results by Friday. I just knew that after having Declan, my baby weight would fall off, and I would be back in my pre-baby clothes in no time. Not the case. Here we are fifteen months later, and I am just starting to feel like myself again. But when I look at my body, I have to love the little progress I have made. I have to remind myself often that I carried and birthed a baby. Just because I am not where I want to be or where I thought I would be, I LOVING WHERE I AM. I may not have reached all my goals and aspirations, but I'm no quitter. Slow and steady wins the race.

Loving where you are comes in many forms. Whether you're starting to workout and eating healthier. It could be that you just ended a friendship/relationship? Or it could be that you're starting a new business venture. Enjoy the process, take a step back and breathe, take it all in. Live in the moment and remember it's okay if you don't get it right every day, the key is to keep going. Celebrate your small wins because they are just as important as the big wins.

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