• Mattye Hargrow

Tis' the Season

Christmas is a time to give and be merry. It's not about the big presents under the tree; although those are nice. But it's about being around your family and friends creating memories. This time last year, Declan was home from his 2-week stay in the NICU. I was just so happy that he was home that I didn't care about the gifts under the tree. Him being home happy and healthy was enough for me. It's funny to think back because he slept most of the day in an elf onesie that was at least 3x times too big. For those of you who don't know, Declan was supposed to be born on Christmas Eve.

As a first-time mom, I struggle as to what to get Declan. He's a one-year-old who already has an abundance of toys and gadgets. So I wasn't about to spend more money on those. If we're honest with ourselves, he would be okay with a box filled with tissue paper. He would probably be more entertained.

What I will say Declan has already given me the best gift. He has given me and my life purpose, love, and joy. I wake up each morning with a cheerful heart (a little sleepy) to the most incredible human I know. To see how he started so small and tiny to this walking, babbling toddler is a miracle. To see his face light up whenever I enter the room makes my heart so full. I am not sure what I was doing before Declan. But I will say mommy's life is the best life. Declan is the gift that keeps giving. He doesn't know how much he pours into my soul. You know the saying, "you wouldn't understand because your not a mom yet," I now know what that means. The love that he displays for me each day makes my heart and soul smile. Declan loves me despite my flaws. He doesn't care if my hair is all over my head and does not care if we stay in pajamas all day. All he cares about is ME, his momma. And that is the greatest gift in the world.

Every day I get to hang out with the best kid I know. His laugh and smile will forever be the best present for me. Happy Holidays to you and your family from me and mine.

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